Maya Pedal Asociación

San Andrés Itzapa, Guatemala

San Andrés Itzapa is a small community located in the mountain area in the center of Guatemala, 40 minutes by bicycle from the old capital Antigua, declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

The village is surrounded by a thick, neat forest and the climate is called the “eternal spring”, ideal for flora and fauna. Indeed, families live mainly on the work in fields through the production of coffee, wheat, cotton and avocado.

The inhabitants are called “Itzapecos” and they have red skin, straight hair and a wise look.
The women wear colorful “cortes” (skirts) and dedicate themselves to the production and sale of tortillas in the streets, or they have a space at the market where they sell the produce of the fields.
The men take care of the garden and wear shirts, sombreros and, even from a young age, they have a long machete hung from their belts.

San Andrés and Guatemala are ranked among the 10 poorest places in the world, but the Itzapecos seem to pay little heed to this data, living with their ingenious machines in contagious serenity.