Aeolian Ride in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Superuber is an interactive design company that is opening its own new space in Rio.

The association’s founder are Liana Brazil and Russel Rive. Liana is a very good friend of Jessica’s. They met 10 years ago in New York working on the same project. Back in the day, Jessica had just had the Aeolian idea and had just started to design the Aeolian jackets.

Liana invited Jessica to Rio to celebrate the SuperUber opening and to organize Aeolian Ride. The location of the ride is always chosen by the locals who share their own view of the city and the places they value, taking riders through the parts that have something significant to them.

A big part of the ride, then, is to change the landscape of the city by changing the way the people see the city. The goal, then, is to expand the idea of what can people do in the city.

SuperUber was responsible for mapping the Rio de Janiero ride. The ride started in the south in Copacabana beach, continued all the way down the beach along the bike path and ended in Gamboa, a port area on the north side of Rio – a neighborhood that dates back to the city’s origins. Now work has begun here to modernize Gamboa for the 2016 Olympic Games.

By hosting this ride, SuperUber wanted to bring people to Gamboa while reconnecting the south side of the city with the downtown area to the north.