World By Cycle

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World By Cycle

The World By Cycle project is a bicycle circumnavigation of the world, partnering with organizations to offer Adventure Learning  programs for primary-school aged children.

Connecting with people and a passion for learning will be central to our theme as we explore the beauty and richness of remote and diverse places. The expedition includes cycling in six continents and thirty-six countries over ten months, with specific highlights in nine regions.

Adventure Learning presents as the best tool to deliver educational content as the method promotes collectivism and collaboration in the classroom. This is the approach we will role-model in our exploration by connecting with local experts in various fields across the world. Adventure Learning has potential to create interactive and engaging learning scenarios for the classroom environment, inspiring and enriching primary education.

We are immensely excited about the opportunities of the World By Cycle expedition to explore and connect with an array of populations, landscapes, and situations!