Test Cyklisterna

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Test Cyklisterna

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Test Cyklisterna is an initiative in Gothenburg, Sweden, that offers free bikes to residents, in an effort to encourage them to abandon their cars and take to two wheels.

Running from spring to autumn 2014, the project’s goal has been to inspire people to cycle, by offering them the opportunity to experience how effective – and enjoyable – bikes can be as a means of transportation. And not just for city commuters: Test Cyklisterna aims to reach as wide a cross-section of people as possible – from students to young parents to retirees – with bikes to match. 

“We want to encourage and incentivize the current participants to continue riding,” says the project’s director, Rickard Waern, “and are hoping that they are interested in purchasing the bikes after the test period is up. At a very favourable price, of course!”