– Cycling for a living planet

*/ ?> – Cycling for a living planet is the official ambassors team for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Like the WWF also strives to protect and maintain the natural beauty of areas that we as riders visit frequently while riding through beautiful sceneries. focuses on two disciplines, namely cyclosportives and the MTB Marathons. We do this through our core values: Sociability, team interest, sportsmanship and community involvement. is a Foundation. Unlike a normal cycling association, has no members, but only donors and sponsors.
The Foundation. A donor is a member of our community.
People who can identify with our core values can through donorship.
So join!

Our Foundation seeks an idealistic interest, namely the raising and collection of funds for charities by participating in cycling and mountain bike races all over the world. The main goal that we stand for is the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
In november 2009 our foundation agreed on a sustainable partnership with the WWF and as ambassador team focusing on the protection of our natural beauty combined with her bike activities.

If you are a donor, you thereby contribute to the achievement of these objectives!