Bike Zambia

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Bike Zambia

Bike Zambia riders make friends while riding off the beaten path.

Bike Zambia is a ride that raises awareness of poverty and AIDS in Zambia, a country where more than one in seven adults are living with HIV/AIDS – and one in six children are orphaned. What’s more, the reality of living in this Southern African republic is a life expectancy that’s as low at just 39 years of age.

“Bike Zambia is in essence an AIDS Ride for Africa,” says JD Bergeron, one of the organisation’s co-founders. “We decided we wanted to do a ride in a part of the world where AIDS is a much bigger problem. It’s not a question of quality of life, it’s life and death.”

400 miles in length, the journey wends its way from the capital city of Lusaka to Victoria Falls, the thunderous waterfall on the Zimbabwean border. Road conditions are mixed, covering the gamut from parched dry dirt trails to smooth tarmac. The ride, which is van supported, takes seven days and passes through a string of local villages – providing the perfect platform for international riders to interact with local communities, and promote the message of AIDS/HIV awareness. Likewise, entertaining roadside kids and sharing the road with local cyclists is all part of the experience.